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VMS Installer Training - Webinar

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The VELUX Modular Skylight Installation Webinar is designed to be an overview of the recommended installation process. The webinar will review the planning and preparation from preparing the skylight’s sub-construction, to receiving the skylights on site, to the full skylight system installation, as well as some tips and tricks from on-site experience.  The webinar is catered to installers but would be beneficial to sales staff promoting the VMS system and to designers currently working with or considering the VMS for future projects.

VMS (VELUX Modular Skylights) is a high-performance skylight system that greatly reduces the installation time and risk of larger sloped glazing projects. Prefabricated in our factory, there is no on-site glazing or fabrication of flashing. With its impressive thermal performance and quality, VMS is optimized for customers looking for larger skylight openings on flat roofs. Units are available in fixed and venting, along with interior blinds to maximize the fresh air and light control.

You will be able to leave knowing the following:

  • Is your project a good VMS project?
  • VMS configurations, options and limitations
  • How to prepare for a successful VMS installation
  • The installation process, quality assurance
  • Tips, tricks and troubleshooting guidance 

Date: Tuesday, March 10th, 2021

Time: 1:00 pm ET and  7:00 pm ET


1:00 pm ET/ 9:00 am PST

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7:00 pm ET/ 3:00 pm PST

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Webinar 1: Continuing Education Unit Available


Modular Skylights in Residential Applications

VELUX Architect Webinar Modular Skylights in Residential Applications

Designed with Foster + Partners, the VELUX Modular Skylight, VMS, is a beautiful, high-performance, quickly installable and reliable skylight system. VMS redefines sloped glazing with its fibre-glass frame and factory manufactured precision. If you love the light and fresh air that you can get from a skylight but are nervous about energy or quality, be nervous no more, we have a skylight system for you.

VELUX Canada launched the VMS product line a few years ago targeting schools, hospitals, offices and shopping malls. We have had steady growth in those markets, but demand for high-performance skylights for high-end homes has surpassed our expectations. This webinar explores the opportunities and considerations for specifying and installing VMS for high-end residential projects. This presentation will open your mind to the possibilities of opening your ceiling with skylights to allow daylight and fresh air in and curate a view out to the clouds and stars.

Learning Objectives:

    1. Learn about all the configurations of VMS available in Canada.
    2. Understand the sizing, framing, sub construction, and flashing for flat and sloped roofs.
    3. Get an overview of our most common semi-standard options like interior and exterior colour and special flashings.
    4. Learn what is needed for a successful installation
    5. Understand the performance of this fibre-glass skylight system.


Webinar 2: Continuing Education Unit Available


Principles of Daylight from Above – Light Shaft Design

VELUX Architect Webinar Principles of Daylight from Above – Light Shaft Design

Our experience of a space can be greatly affected by the quantity and quality of daylight penetrating the building. Whether subtly implemented or acting as a defining feature, the design of the space between the roof opening and the ceiling, namely the light shaft, frames the sky and ushers daylight to play a major role in orchestrating the atmospheric qualities of a room. This webinar will discuss the key elements in the design of light shafts as they relate to bringing in more daylight from the roof with case studies and modeling. We will review common light shaft designs and their implications as well as explore creative light shaft solutions and how they can achieve various qualities of daylight.

Learning Objectives:

    1. Define key terms in daylighting such as luminance, daylight factor, and glare
    2. Determine the core principles of the effect of daylight from above unto interior surfaces
    3. Understand how to compare the nuances of light shaft design with their effect of daylight in a space
    4. Make connections between the quantitative and qualitative elements through daylight modeling
    5. Explore creative solutions to designing your ceiling glazing in balance with vertical glazing

Webinar 3:

Ask our Skylight Experts – Live Q&A

VELUX Webinar - Ask our Skylight Experts – Live Q&A

We are opening up the virtual floor in this Live Q&A session to all participants who watched any of our previous webinars or anyone who simply wants to ask a specific question relating to skylights or daylighting from above. Submit any questions you may have prior to the date of this webinar or come prepared with a question in hand. This will be a time to clarify information discussed in our previous webinars, as well as tackle some important and frequently asked questions that may not have been previously covered.

Presented by:

Russell Ibbotson - Velux 2017 - 277




Russell Ibbotson P. Eng, LEED AP, CTR

Technical & Commercial Manager, VELUX Canada

Monica Bulos B.Arch

 Architectural Project Coordinator, VELUX Canada