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Commercial Dome Cover Image

The VELUX® Dynamic Dome has once again revolutionized the commercial skylight market with new features that emphasize  our commitment to environmental sustainability and providing quality daylighting products.


New and Upgraded Features

1. Sustainability - VELUX® is continuously seeking to minimize our Carbon footprint which includes developing smart and energy saving products. The new design of a fully assembled 5'x6' Dynamic Dome sees a product carbon footprint reduction of 7.4%.

2. Smooth Outer Dome - While keeping to its uncompromising strength and revolutionary engineering, the new prismatic outer dome design of the Dynamic Dome transmits 20% more light into spaces below.

3. White Prismatic Inner Dome - The smooth inner dome achieves 100% light diffusion and is available for larger size needs or to meet HVHZ code requirements.

4. Sidewall of Dome - Masterfully designed to match the angles of the sun in the morning and afternoon hours (lower light periods) to improve light transmittance.

5. Impenetrable Water Protection - The combination of two layers of InstantGlaze sealant ensures a fully watertight design.

6. Glazing Spacer - Clear evacuation path for any moisture that may form in between the domes.

7.  One-Piece Aluminum Frame - Improved frame strength and thermal performance from previous two-piece frame design.

8. PVC Thermal Break - The unique two-way function of the PVC inner frame provides a 100% thermal break, as well as a water management system, evacuating all moisture to the exterior.

» Dry Installation - no curb sealants or tape needed

» Combined Wicking System: Absorbs moisture from the inner frame to evacuate to the exterior

Sizes for Dynamic Dome Skylights

English Size Chart

Curbs for Dynamic Dome

Dynamic Dome Curbs_0002_ccam-4896-12-20


Insulation: Factory Insulated – Double Wall
Material: Aluminum
Height Options: 9", 12", 16"

Dynamic Dome Curbs_0000_cca3-4896-12-14

Curb: CCA3

Insulation: Factory Insulated – Double Wall
Material: Galvanized Steel
Height Options: 9", 12", 16", 18"

Dynamic Dome Curbs_0000_cca3-4896-12-14

Curb: CCA6

Insulation: Field Insulated – Single Wall
Material: Galvanized Steel
Height Options: 9", 12", 16", 18"

Fall Protection for Dynamic Dome

Dynamic Dome Fall Protection_0002_CAE

Exterior Safety Screen


Dynamic Dome Fall Protection_0001_crga-4848-icd

Interior Safety Screen


Dynamic Dome Fall Protection_0000_crga-bb security bars

Interior Security Bars



VELUX Commercial Dome products are engineered to optimize light in large commercial spaces with high ceilings. When used in residential applications, normal variations in the surface of the acrylic or polycarbonate can be more easily seen which some end users may not find acceptable. Please ensure this is known to the end user before placing your order as there is no recourse (replacement or refund) in these circumstances.