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Advantages of using a VELUX® Certified Installer:

  • VELUX® is the only residential skylight company to offer a certified installers training program - ensuring that you, as a homeowner, get a quality installation.
  • Certified Installers are trained to properly integrate your VELUX® skylight with your roof and roofing materials providing you with a seamless installation and peace of mind.
  • Installation is done by a certified member of the installers program who is in good standing.
  • VELUX® Certified Installers can help you to replace or repair your skylight – this includes skylights that are cracked or breaking due to hail.
Homeowner Tips:
  • When hiring a contractor or roofing company for home renovations always ask for a clearance letter to ensure that they are in good standing with their workers coverage board.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your installer to present their VELUX® Trained card to confirm that the installer has been trained by VELUX®


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